‘Kingdom Keepers 5: Shell Game’ Cover Preveal, Chapter One Preview Available Friday

'Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game' by Ridley PearsonVia his Twitter account, ‘Kingdom Keepers’ series author Ridley Pearson announced that the cover for his anticipated fifth entry in the series, Shell Game, along with chapter one will be officially released tomorrow on the official Facebook page. The cover will debut at 10 am ET while the first chapter will be released at 5 pm ET. The book, currently available for pre-order, will be released on April 3. The cover, presumably seen here, was actually posted on Ridley Pearson’s website for a few weeks prior being pulled in favor of a big reveal (special thanks to @urakan for providing the image).

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The book (#5 of 7) is the first to leave the Walt Disney World Resort and heads to sea aboard Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Fantasy (which sees its inaugural voyage just a few days before the book’s release, on March 31). Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid is prominently featured on the book’s cover, ‘hinting’ that she has joined forces with Maleficent and the rest of The Overtakers. The official description is as follows:

As the Disney Fantasy joins the cruise fleet, a special treat is in store for guests aboard its inaugural sail from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles: the Disney Host Interactive teenage guides will be part of the Fantasy crew.

Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa, and Philby are to attend the cruise as celebrity guests, and to perform a ribbon cutting for the DHI server to go live. The Fantasy is now the most advanced cruise ship in the world.

But all is not right belowdecks. Strange things are happening. Unexplained phenomena. Only the Kingdom Keepers know the truth behind their invitation: nearly every Disney villain is represented onboard the new ship: whether on its decks or in its theaters.  It’s believed the Overtakers have infiltrated the cast and are “stowaways.”  Worse: it is believed they have stolen an important journal that once belonged to Walt Disney himself–Finn has been having dreams about this–and that some kind of mission is planned.

The ship sets sail filled with enthusiastic guests and crew, and the battle is on in new and exotic arenas: the beaches of Castaway Cay, the caves of Aruba, the locks of the Panama Canal, Costa Rica’s rain forest zip line . . . But the end game is far more complicated and intense than anything the Kingdom Keepers had planned on. If the Overtakers get their way, a power will be unleashed that no one will have the ability to vanquish: Chernabog, dormant for years, is about to have his full powers restored. . . .

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