VIDEO: ‘Disney Kudos’ Park Achievements Game Leaked; NextGen’s ‘Story Maker’ New Chapter

'Disney Kudos' Website ConceptWhile the Walt Disney World Resort has had gaming experiences for some time such as Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and soon A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas, the Disneyland Resort has appeared to escaped unscathed from the diversions. In truth, the resort has quietly been working on a project called Disney Kudos, which up until now has been mostly a mystery.

'Disney Kudos' iPhone App ConceptWe have uncovered concept art that appears to unearth the project and gives us a sneak peek into Disney Kudos, a self-paced exploration game of its own. While it’s unclear from what we have whether there will be physical components installed at the resort as Walt Disney World’s games have, we have been able to ascertain that is primarily a GPS-driven scavenger hunt which will operate on one’s own mobile device (not unlike the independently developed Wishing Stars) — a feat of no easy proportions as anyone who’s attempted to use a mobile device at Disneyland can attest. We’re told that in addition to tracking various quests, the game is also intended to help entertain guests while waiting in queues.

We believe the game’s development may be being handled by Fi (formerly known as Fantasy Interactive).

In addition, another video demo showing a much more graphically-pleasing version of the game has appeared on Vimeo. This brief demo shows unlocking various achievements such as visiting Disneyland (‘Welcome to the Club’), ‘Party King’ (obtained by attending the New Orleans Bayou Bash) and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ achievements, the ‘Brave Soul’ kudo, reminding the player to view the parade and more.

The artwork follows a series of clues about Disney Kudos which began in early with several domain name registrations such as DISNEYKUDOS.COM (the only active one at this time), DISNEYKUDOSGAME.COM, KUDOGAME.COM, DISNEYLANDKUDOS.COM and DCAKUDOS.COM. Variations with the spelling of ‘cudos’ have also been registered as well as related domain names such as DISNEYACHIEVEMENTS.COM.

Speaking of achievements, we have also seen some recent movement on the Walt Disney World NextGen front with an additional trademark registration for ‘Story Maker’ (one was previously filed for ‘My Story Maker’). We believe this to be related to the ‘Story Author’ patent we described here which will use guests’ MagicBand bracelets to track which attractions a guest has visited and automatically collect video and photos and compile a ‘storybook’ akin to an achievement such as riding all of the Magic Kingdom mountains, or a birthday memory which can than be used as an upsell in merchandising, as part of the total ‘My Disney Experience.’

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