LA Times: No D23 Expo This Year

On reporting the D23 First Anniversary Party at Disneyland, which appears to uncharacteristically have problems selling to the point where multiple outlets are giving away free tickets, Geoff Boucher of the LA Times reveals that Disney has no current plans to host the D23 Expo this year.

Instead, according to the report, the event will be biennial, next occurring at some point in 2011. Still presumably in Anaheim.

Last year’s inaugural D23 Expo was officially announced on March 10 as part of the annual shareholders’ meeting / D23 announcement.

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6 thoughts on “LA Times: No D23 Expo This Year

  1. I think the interest in it would be insanely huge on this coast…wish they'd switch it up like the Disneyana conventions. 🙁

  2. Whoa. Because they are doing promotions, they're having problems selling tickets? Following that logic, every concert and sporting event in history must be a bust. Don't confuse stepped up promotions with problems, guys. d23 should have been doing stuff like this all along!

  3. In a word, yes. To my knowledge, this is the first paid D23 event in
    which they are having such promotions, especially through multiple
    outlets. It's designed to promote awareness for the event, for which
    they had already released a second announcement with additional
    information trying to entice guests to buy into it.

    I'd be quite certain that if the tickets had all sold out in 15 minutes
    or whatever, there'd be no contests giving them away, nor a blog entry
    on the LA Times dedicated to promoting the event while coincidentally
    dropping an attention-getting bombshell.

    And yes, it would have been nice if D23 had been doing it all along,
    but they haven't been. And this shouldn't be any indication that they
    will going forward (unless they have problems selling an event again).

  4. Do you know which particular outlets are giving away the free tickets? My family and I will be in Disneyland that day, but as a college student I really can't afford to purchase the membership and then the tickets.. I would really appreciate any information you may have! :]

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