Video: John Lasseter Dodges ‘Toy Story 4’ Question

While in London to promote Cars 2, director John Lasseter visited the BBC for a brief interview. After answering a question about what it really means to direct an animated film, Lasseter appears to have been blindsided by a question on the state of Toy Story 4 following a few speculative statements made by star Tom Hanks on BBC Breakfast a few weeks ago (Hanks later on to repeat his statements elsewhere).

Roughly transcribed, the interview went something like this:

BBC: Quick question. Tom Hanks was on the ‘Breakfast’ sofa, or was interviewed on ‘Breakfast’ recently, talking about Toy Story 4.

JL: Yeah.. I was —  I found that very interesting too.

BBC: Okay

JL: Yeah, it was really interesting.

BBC: Is he making Toy Story 4 without you?

JL: Carry on talking. Yeah. He’s uh.. yeah. We haven’t announced anything, so… I can’t really talk about it.

BBC: Would you like to?

JL: No.

BBC: Oh go on.

JL: No. (Redirects conversation to Cars 2)

You can see the awkward interview on the BBC website here. The Toy Story 4 question pops up around the 1:20 mark. (Thanks to for the tip)

Adding fuel to the speculation, The Pixar Blog has noted that IMDB has added an entry for Toy Story 4 for 2015. It should be noted, however, that IMDB is supported primarily by visitor support, so although it is historically very credible, it has been known to be inaccurate at times.

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