Lawsuit Against Disney Parks Places $1M Pricetag on Trip’s Trip

Suffering ‘pain, shock and mental anguish’  and an inability to perform ‘normal activities’ since tripping and falling along a walkway in Epcot, Judith Franzen of New York has filed a federal lawsuit against Walt Disney World / Disney Parks and Resorts last Friday. The complaint, which seeks an even one million dollars in damages, asserts that Walt Disney World was previously aware of the unnamed condition of the walkway which caused the accident on April 22, 2008 and that the resort was ‘negligent, careless, reckless and grossly negligent.’

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4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against Disney Parks Places $1M Pricetag on Trip’s Trip

  1. Watch where you are going and 'Pick your feet up'. We all fall at some time or another. Don't look to get paid for something so petty…

  2. If I were on the jury, I'd not award this person any money at all. What ever happened to personal responsibility and common sense? We all trip and get hurt sometimes. It's up to each of us to take care of ourselves. And truly, if this person can't get over a tripping incident, maybe they ought to be in some kind of a care center where they can get some therapy!

  3. This person (and her lawyer) should be shot.
    Scumbags like this make everything more expensive for all of us.

  4. What ever happened to personal responsibility?

    Now a Disney Vacation Club Member Class Action I might support. They lie to sell the membership and then it's not possible to ever get a room……. Wish we had never done it.

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