‘Let It Go: The Complete Set’ with Fifty International Versions Available Next Week

'Let It Go: The Complete Set' from Walt Disney RecordsWith what is undoubtedly an unprecedented move, Walt Disney Records is further capitalizing on the success of Disney Animation’s Frozen and its ‘Let It Go’ theme by releasing a ‘three disc set’ featuring fifty tracks consisting of official, international versions of the song, often in both film and end title formats, titled Let It Go: The Complete Set.

No official announcement from Walt Disney Records has been made yet, but he album showed up on Amazon last night as an MP3 album with a release date of April 15, 2014.

The track list, which suffers from conversion to a Latin-based alphabet — let alone English — is as follows. Unfortunately because some performers recorded multiple versions of the song in different languages, it’s not quite possible to break it down to that level as of yet when not specified, but we hope to have clarification from Walt Disney Records soon:

UPDATE: Walt Disney Records has provided us with the official tracklist for the collection, including specific languages being represented. Interestingly enough, the tracks are all presented alphabetically by official language of origin relative to each component/disc. Keep in mind that where languages are duplicated, it’s often because it represents both the film version as well as the end titles version. The official list is as follows:

1) Atlequy, Seraki – Nesma Mahgoub (Arabic)
2) Bebaskan – Marsha Milan Londoh (Bahasa Malaysia)
3) Slagam krai – Nadezhda Panayotova (Bulgarian)
4) Let It Go – Jobelle Ubalde (Cantonese)
5) Let It Go – Nataša Mirkovi? (Croatian)
6) Najednou – Iva Marešová (Czech)
7) Lad Det Ske – Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg (Danish)
8) Laat het los – Willemijn Verkaik (Dutch)
9) Olgu nii – Hanna-Liina Võsa (Estonian)
10) Taakse jää – Katja Sirkiä (Finnish)
11) Laat het los – Elke Buyle (Flemish)
12) Libérée, Délivrée – Anaïs Delva (French)
13) Lass jetzt los – Willemijn Verkaik (German)
14) Ta xechno – Sia Koskina (Greek)
15) Let It Go – Mona Mor (Hebrew)
16) Legyen hó! – Füredi Nikolett (Hungarian)
17) Þetta er nóg – Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir (Icelandic)
18) All’alba Sorgerò – Serena Autieri (Italian)
19) Let It Go – Takako Matsu (Japanese)
20) Da Ea-Joe – Hye Na Park (Korean)
21) Lai nu snieg – Jolanta Strikaite (Latvian)

1) Tebunie – Girmant? Vaitkut? (Lithuanian)
2) Sui Ta Ba – Hu Wei Na (Mandarin)
3) Fang Kai Shou – Lin Hsin Yi (Mandarin Taiwanese)
4) La Den Gå – Lisa Stokke (Norwegian)
5) Mam Te Moc – Katarzyna Laska (Polish)
6) Já Passou – Ana Encarnação (Portuguese)
7) Livre Estou – Taryn Szpilman (Portuguese (Brazil))
8) S-a întâmplat – Dalma Kovacs (Romanian)
9) Otpusti I zabud – Anna Buturlina (Russian)
10) Let It Go – Jelena Gavrilovi? (Serbian)
11) Von to dám – Andrea Somorovská (Slovakian)
12) Zaživim – Nuška Draš?ek Rojko (Slovenian)
13) ¡Sueltalo! – Gisela (Spanish Castilian)
14) Vol Volar – Gisela (Spanish Catalan)
15) Libre Soy – Carmen Sarahí (Spanish Latin American)
16) Slå Dig Fri – Annika Herlitz (Swedish)
17) Ploy-mon-pai – Khun Vichayanee Pearklin (Thai)
18) Aldirma – Begüm Günceler (Turkish)
19) Vse odno – Shanis (Ukrainian)
20) Let It Go – Võ H? Trâm (Vietnamese)

1) Bebaskan – Marsha Milan Londoh (Bahasa Malaysia)
2) Libérée, Délivrée – Anaïs Delva (French)
3) All’alba Sorgerò – Martina Stoessel (Italian)
4) Let It Go – May J. (Demi Version) (Japanese)
5) Let It Go – May J. (Idina Menzel version) (Japanese)
6) Let It Go – Hyolyn (Korean)
7) Let It Go – Bella Yao (Mandarin Chinese)
8) Otpusti I zabud – Julia Dovganishina (Russian)
9) Libre Soy – Martina Stoessel (Spanish Latin American)

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5 thoughts on “‘Let It Go: The Complete Set’ with Fifty International Versions Available Next Week

  1. Is it gonna be a physical CD, or a digital one? (I hope there will be a physical version, ’cause I want it so bad!)

  2. They need to add one more version: The International Version…its because of this version that the other 50 versions are being released….now that would make this a COMPLETE set!!!

    • Moreover, while I can understand WHY, it looks like the two US versions aren’t included….! No Idina Menzel on the COMPLETE “LET IT GO”..?! Crazy.

  3. I also really want a nice cd set with all the versions. I did already download it from iTunes though:-) By the way, here in The Netherlands track 9 is indeed Idina Menzel’s original version. No Demi Lovato though.

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