CONFIRMED: ‘Let the Memories Begin’ at Disney Theme Parks to Be 2011 Promotional Campaign

What comes after the successful ‘Year of a Million Dreams,’ ‘What Will You Celebrate?’ and ‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ campaigns for Disney Parks and Resorts?

A recent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts offers up a service mark with the name Let the Memories Begin. There is no additional information beyond the service mark itself but it certainly does lend itself to a marketing slogan (but not quite up to the promotion level). In other words, it’s probably more Where the Magic Lives than What Will You Celebrate? but only time will tell for sure.

In the past few months, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has also applied for a group of cryptic service marks: Animate, Dash, Genie, Maestro, Pixi and Spark.

Not to be outdone, Disney Consumer Products has chimed in with an application for Nuzzlies, which appears to be a possible line of cuddly toys.

Email to annual passholders for 'Let the Memories Begin' campaignUPDATE #1 – 09/10/10:  Multiple sources have confirmed to us that the 2011 Disney Parks promotion will in fact be centered around ‘memories’ and that Disney Parks and Resorts is expected to make the announcement during a press event in New York City on Thursday, September 23.

We have also received reports from annual passholders who have been receiving the email pictured to the right seeking photo and video submissions regarding the subject of memories at Disney Parks.

UPDATE #2 – 09/20/10: Corrected the expected date of the announcement.

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2 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: ‘Let the Memories Begin’ at Disney Theme Parks to Be 2011 Promotional Campaign

  1. OK, so I’m a little late on this, but “Year of a Million Dreams” was anything but successful. Most park visitors had no idea what in the heck that meant, even after they’d won.

  2. Disney fairytale weddings have already announced a special, limited time only package for next year called the Memories Collection. Ties in nicely!

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