Lloyds of London Underwriters File Suit Against Walt Disney World

Even if I were to understand half of this, I don’t think I understand any of this, thus it’s right up my alley. Some underwriters at Lloyds of London recently filed a claim against Thomas Wright of Loganville, Georgia, owner of Paintball Sports Promotions and Disney Parks and Resorts, specifically Walt Disney World, in what appears to be the next step in an already complicated legal mess.

The lawsuit’s genesis appears to go back to 2006, when Paintball Sports Promotions held a paintball event at then-Disney’s Wide World of Sports. Owen Peterson of Kentstore, Virginia attended the event and sustained injuries which led to ‘bodily injury, including traumatic brain injury, and resulting pain and suffering, impairment, disability, inconvenience, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life’ and various medical costs as a result of an an inflated display for a third party vendor.

Peterson went forward and sued Walt Disney World, Wright and Crossfire Inc. for damages in excess of $15,000 to which Disney responded by saying it was not responsible as the contract with Wright to hold the 2006 PSP World Cup indeminfied them of any damages arising from the event.

Apparently Peterson may not have had much luck with the other companies as it appears he went ahead and attempted to file a claim with Lloyds of London, the insurers for the event. Llyods response, however, was that the damages sustained by Peterson took place outside of an actual paintball event so they were automatically not accountable. But with that can of worms opened, Lloyds has now turned to its own lawsuit on the grounds of breach of contract, noting that 2009 was the first they had learned of the incident — which didn’t happen in the arena, mind you — and that Wright and his company and Walt Disney World violated terms of the agreement which required prompt notification of any incidents and, as such, are seeking in excess of $75,000 in damages to recoup any losses investigating the case.

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