Lucasfilm Leaks Potential Additional ‘The Force Awakens’ Characters, Plot Hints

Valara SaarWith just a couple of weeks to go to Force Friday and four months (nearly to the day) to go before Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens debuts in theaters, it should come as a surprise to absolutely noone that there is still plenty to learn regarding the upcoming film and anthology series. Fortunately thanks in part to recent trademark registrations, additional clues may be coming even closer than you may think — like last night, when a new bunch of applications were published by the Patent and Trademark Office. You may recall that the trademark registrations are how we first learned of Gwendoline Christie’s character, Captain Phasma.

The more interesting of the two is already a member of the non-canon expanded universe, but could soon become a part of the official Star Wars universe: Valara. Valara (or Valara Saar as she is defined in the Wookieepedia) is an interesting character. Originating in the Star Wars role playing game, she is the descendant of a human Jedi who seeks out to join the Jedi Order and is initially welcomed after proving her usefulness, but ultimately fails to join for reasons unexplored. With the force in her blood, she continued to practice and teach the way of the Jedi upon returning to her home planet of Yashuvhu. If Valara does fit into the new crop of films, she could prove to be of particular use to Finn, who is rumored to be an AWOL Stormtrooper (and wields Anakin’s light saber in a recent Drew Struzan poster created for the Disney D23 Expo).

The other trademark application is for that of Mon Destra. Nothing particularly of note could be found for this character except for mention of a Darth Destra — who, like Captain Phasma — only seems to exist in the world of fanfic according to the Star Wars Fanon. That said, however, his timeline far exceeds that of the new film trilogy so if he is associated with The Force Awakens, or even Rogue One, it’s not likely to be the same character.

The standard disclaimer here applies, none of this information has been officially announced/confirmed by Lucasfilm or Walt Disney Studios and may or may not have anything to do with the upcoming films. But it should be noted we have a very good feeling about this.

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