Madea Sends Kids to Walt Disney World After Being Subjected to Racism at Pool

Tyler Perry, the creator of the popular Medea character and multiple sit-coms has a lot of televisions. And it’s because of one television, not in-particular, that Perry overheard a small boy crying on the news because he was kicked out of a swimming pool because of the color of his skin.

According to the posting on his website, the private club’s pool had apparently been rented out for use by an organization called Creative Steps, founded by Althea Wright to benefit inner-city children who are primarily black and Hispanic. According to Perry, the President of the club initially responded by returning the money back to the organization saying, ‘We don’t want to change the complexion of our club.’

Along with some other disturbing details which Perry further outlines, he announced that he is sending all 65 of the affected children to Walt Disney World August 1-3 to prove that for every negative thing one person does, there are countless more who will do something positive. On this note, Perry also asks that anyone who sees the children, either in the airport or at the parks, to please offer them encouragement.

You can see Perry’s full message here (dated July 19).

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