EXCLUSIVE: Disney Magic to Get Marvel Experience, New Adults Only District, AquaDuck and More

Marvel Avenger's Academy experience on Disney MagicAhead of this week’s ‘Monstrous Summer’ press event being held at the Walt Disney World Resort, we have learned of some exciting upcoming additions to Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic cruise liner. The new features include a mix of adapting enhancement from fleet ships Disney Dream and Fantasy’s own pluses as well as brand new experiences, amongst which may be the very first (permanent) foray into the Marvel universe by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the business unit that manages Disney Cruise Line. From children to adults, the Disney Magic promises to offer brand new experiences not available anywhere else on the high seas.

The additions begin with the Oceaneer’s Club which currently hosts four immersive experiences from Disney’s Pixie Hollow, Andy’s room from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, a submarine experience inspired by Finding Nemo and the scream floor of Monsters Inc aboard the Dream and Fantasy. It appears the latter two will be going away in favor of the Marvel’s Avengers Academy (promised to be based on an upcoming animated Disney XD series of the same name) and a Mickey Mouse Club, inspired by the series of brand new animated shorts now being produced.

Disney Magic AquaDuckThe Magic will also receive the AquaDuck waterslide along with some enhancements in way of the AquaLab as found on the Disney Fantasy. In addition, a new water play area for infants and toddlers will be re-themed to the Nephews’ Splash Zone. A brand new water slide called the Twist N’ Spout will also be introduced to the ship, which ‘splashes off in one direction, then loop-de-loops the opposite way.’

Donald Duck’s presence will also be felt elsewhere onboard as the Disney Magic introduces a new restaurant based on his Saludos Amigos co-star, Jose. The restaurant will be called Carioca’s and will be Brazilian-influenced, themed to an outdoor marketplace during festival.

The adults-only district will be re-themed to After Hours and, in addition to featuring O’Gills from the Disney Fantasy, will also feature an undersea themed club called Fathoms and a piano bar named Keys.

CORRECTION: The article was incorrectly initially written from the perspective of the Disney Dream. Changes have been made to reflect that these additions will be completely new to the Disney Magic.

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5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Disney Magic to Get Marvel Experience, New Adults Only District, AquaDuck and More

  1. The Magic and the Fantasy are not sister ships. The Dream and the Fantasy are sisters, as are the Magic and the Wonder.

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