VIDEO: Marriage Proposal on Jungle Cruise at Disneyland

One never knows what one may see or encounter on the World Famous Jungle Cruise, such are the risks and rewards of working with live animals. Thus it is crucial one relies on a trusted skipper employed by the Jungle Navigation Company. Whether it’s the giant butterflies that can grow anywhere from 12 inches to a whopping 1 foot, crocodiles looking for a hand-out or (in some cases) piranhas, there are few things that will surprise a Jungle Cruise skipper.

Take for example this particular trip down the Amazon, in which Skipper Stephanie recalls an evening at Trader Sam’s pad:

‘My boyfriend and I were at his house the other night and I said “Trader Sam, your wife makes a great stew.” He said “yeah, I know. But I sure am gonna’ miss her.” I’m just kidding — I don’t really have a boyfriend.’

Which then proves to be the perfect segue to what happens next:

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