‘Mars Needs Moms’ Clips: ‘Meeting Gribble,’ ‘Security Breach’

With a week to go before the theatrical release, Walt Disney Studios has released two additional clips from the upcoming ImageMovers Digital film, Mars Needs Moms, starring Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler, Mindy Sterling and Elisabeth Harnois.

In ‘Meeting Gribble,’ after Milo has landed on the red planet, desperately seeking out the aliens who took his mom, he runs into Gribble, a thirty-something man-child stuck in the 1980s when he, like Milo, also got stranded on Mars while trying to track down his own mother and forced to live in virtual isolation. With Milo being Gribble’s first human contact in decades, he’s beside himself with the prospect of a new roomie.

In ‘Security Breach,’ Gribble explains to cyber-pet TwoCat his secret plan to help himself by ‘helping’ Milo break through the Martian security so Milo’s mom can be saved. The covert operation starts out smoothly enough, but soon gets very complicated when an error is made.

Mars Needs Moms will be released in theaters nationwide on March 11, 2011. For more information on the film including tons of backstage photos, concept art, stills and clips, follow this live bookmark.

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