‘Strange’ Domain Registrations May Point to Next Marvel Studios Project

Last week, Disney Music Group registered several domain names for upcoming television and movie soundtracks, many of which are already announced projects from Marvel Studios. The only registration that relates to an unannounced project, but is known to be in the works, is that of Doctor Strange. Known to be in development for a very long period of time, Marvel Studios has made news in the recent past by hiring Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the latest script and have reportedly shopped it around to potential directors.

Despite all this, Marvel has yet to make any official announcement regarding the film’s box office future and now rumors are speculating around other, lesser known properties, although IMDB does list the film as being announced for 2013. We do know that Marvel has announced release dates for unspecified films for both May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014, however.

For the record, these are the domain registrations recently made: avengers-soundtrack.com, avengersmusic.net, doctorstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.net, ironman3soundtrack.com, ironman3soundtrack.net, marvel-music.com, marvel-music.net, marvelmusic.net, thor2soundtrack.com, thor2soundtrack.net.

Granted that domain name registrations themselves mean very little, the fact that Dr. Strange is the only project in the bunch that hasn’t firmly been committed to publicly by Marvel Studios bodes pretty well for an announcement within the next few weeks, perhaps even one tied to NY Comic Con, in which Marvel Studios head Keven Feige will be appearing at the panel for The Avengers.



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