Marvel to Publish Its First Disney Project: Original ‘TRON’ Adaptation

'TRON Legacy #1' by Marvel comicsThe question has been burning ever since the Disney-Marvel merger was first proposed: when will the lines become blurred between the existing publishing arms of Disney and Marvel?

Although most of its own publishing had been limited to those of the graphic novel persuasion, Disney had been licensing its domestic comic book properties to the likes of BOOM! Studios, Diamond and Slave Labor Graphics. Now it appears some of its properties will be headed over to newly acquired Marvel to harness its talent and publishing capabilities.

Marvel’s first project will be that of the comic-book adaption of the original TRON film from 1982. Not too much is known about it yet other than Marvel has listed issue #1 in its online catalog. The first of question mark issues is being written by Peter David (who is also working on several stories for Epic Mickey) and illustrated by Mirco Pierfederici. It’s expected to be released on November 3.

As we have mentioned before, Disney Hyperion will also be releasing TRON Betrayal, a graphic novel which documents some of the goings-on in the TRON Universe between 1983 and 2010.


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