Marvel Sends ‘Prep & Landing’ Crew to Avengers Mansion in Comics Crossover

'Prep & Landing: Mission: Impossible' from Marvel ComicsThere’s very little doubt that Tony Stark and the rest of The Avengers are on the nice list this year, so it makes perfect sense that the popular duo of Wayne and Lanny from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ ‘Prep & Landing’ animated special perform their most daunting task to date: Avengers Mansion.

Marvel will be publishing the first issue of the new crossover series on November 16, according to the official Facebook page of Walt Disney Animation Studios, who also provided a sneak peek.

'Prep & Landing: Mission: Impossible' from Marvel ComicsThe issue is subtitled ‘Mansion: Impossible,’ although we’ll probably be calling it ‘Mission: Impossibelf’ just because.

Walt Disney Studios is also gifting us with ‘Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice,’ an all new animated special, in December on the ABC television network as well as a DVD of the original special and related shorts, available to own on November 22, 2011 (now available for pre-order).

UPDATE #1: 10/20/11 – The ‘Prep & Landing’ crossover storyline will actually appear in issues of Marvel’s Avengers #19, Super-Heroes #20 and Spider-Man #20.

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