Marvel’s Agent Carter Returns to Television (In Animation Form) #NYCC

As one of several announcements made earlier today during the Marvel Television Animation Panel at the 2016 New York Comic-Con, Marvel announced that Hayley Atwell will reprise her popular character, Agent Peggy Carter, on an upcoming episode of Marvel’s Avengers. The upcoming fourth season of the Disney XD series is subtitled ‘Secret Wars,’ which also promises to involve the largest group of Marvel characters to date. 

Other announcements include three upcoming shorts made in collaboration with Funko using their Pop! figures and a new retro-style series of shorts featuring Antman and Wasp. 

The panel closed out with an extended first look clip at the recently announced Marvel’s Spider-Man, which focuses on Peter Parker’s debut as Spider-Man, just weeks after having been bitten by a radioactive spider. The debut of the new series also marks the end of the ‘Ultimate Web Warriors’ series which will include a major storyline involving Mary Jane and Carnage. 

The clip from the new series featured Parker clad in a ski-mask, hoodie and sweatpants as he attempts to take on a bunch of thieves stealing vibranium. Parker stumbles as he gets used to using his new powers and web-slinging tech as we experience the events with spurts of ‘spidey-sense time’ in which Parker’s thoughts narrate his thinking process as he struggles to decide his next move. Ultimately Parker triumphs — at least until he encounters the Vulture. 

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