Disney’s ‘Mayhem at the Mansion’ Augmented Reality Game Now Available for Download

Disney's 'Mayhem at the Mansion' AR GameConfirming an earlier report by Stitch Kingdom, although the game has not yet been officially announced by Disney Parks and Resorts, the iOS version of Disney’s ‘Mayhem at the Mansion’ is now available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

As we previously pointed out, the idea behind the augmented reality game is to go to certain locations marked on the Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party event map, find one of the hitchhiking ghosts who have escaped from the Haunted Mansion and capture them using the ‘spectre collector’ in the app. Interactions can be saved and shared before returning the ghost to his rightful place back at the Haunted Mansion.

For a preview of how the technology works as well as special message from Mickey Mouse, you can download the app and then target Mickey’s face on the ‘Mayhem at the Mansion’ brochure (PDF) which is available on the game’s official website, DisneyMansionMayhem.com.

This is the premise behind ‘Mayhem at the Mansion,’ a brand new augmented reality game coming to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this year during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween events. By downloading the free app for both iOS and Android devices, guests will then be equipped to use their ‘spectre collector’ by locating mischievous ghosts around the theme park (as indicated on the party’s map), snap and share a photo with themselves and family and friends with the ghosts and collect them, eventually returning them back to the Haunted Mansion.

A version for the Android operating system is also expected but does not yet appear to be listed on Google Play.

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5 thoughts on “Disney’s ‘Mayhem at the Mansion’ Augmented Reality Game Now Available for Download

  1. Hmmm. looks like Disney is going backward rather than progressing with this app. Can’t find the Android version and the link to DisneyMansionMayhem.com now takes us to the usual MNSSHP page that has no reference to MatM. I also sent an email to Disney Guest Services asking for a status several days ago but they have not responded (very unusual!). I’m thinking they decided to pull the plug and are hoping we’ll just forget about this….

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