New Albums Offer Melodic Spins on Disney Classic Tunes

Disney Music AlbumsWhether you have a newborn to entertain, or a carrousel or elevator (or perhaps anger management class) to program music for, three albums to be released in the upcoming weeks have got your Disney needs filled.

Releasing on November 27, Japan’s Luxury Orgel’s Disney Selection Vol. 1 from label Noisix is the first of the three to offer their melodic spins on some Disney classics. After taking on J-Pop and Studio Ghibli films, Luxury Orgel now turns to Disney classic films and theme park attractions for its inspiration. The tunes are short, however, because they’re meant primarily to serve as ringtones for smartphones.

Having just released Lullaby Versions of Nightmare Before Christmas (along with dozens of other titles), Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star’s Lullaby Versions of Disney Classics draws from Disney’s large pool of animated classics with their album available December 10.

Finally, after harnessing the meditative powers of music artists such as Marilyn Manson, Yoga Pop Ups releases their Yoga Tribute to Disney Classics album a week later on December 17. However, it appears to share not only the exact same tracklist as the lullaby album but possibly even the same music as well.

All three albums currently are available for pre-order with online samples.

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