Mickey Mouse Begins Chatting Up Guests at Disneyland’s Toontown – Literally

UPDATE: We dug up the patent that Disney has held for YEARS that makes this technology possible. Read more!

The day of reckoning has come, dear readers.

A friend sent us a link to these YouTube videos showing Mickey Mouse greeting a couple of fans at Toontown in Disneyland a couple of days ago and it appears that the technology first used in the character heads of the Dream Along with Mickey Castle show at Magic Kingdom may very well have found its way into the meet & greet scenario in a huge way (and with some further enhancements).

Please feel free to marvel as Mickey’s eyes blink, mouth moves and — most impressively — Mickey greets guests by name in the following clips.

This second clip is actually meant to be first as Mickey introduces himself to the group in the room, but we reversed it so we can provide it as a bonus to anyone whose jaw is still above the floor.

Please note that this does appear to be a test (or  — perhaps more likely — a proof of concept) and it’s not likely that you’ll be able to just stroll into a meet & greet with Mickey and interact with him audibly anytime soon, although we certainly hope this will be the case at Disney parks worldwide and with additional characters. As it is, our friends at Inside the Magic have confirmed with the guest who uploaded the videos that Disney management was on hand filming the test and guests were required to sign releases of some sort.

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6 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Begins Chatting Up Guests at Disneyland’s Toontown – Literally

  1. My 5 year old son is standing over my shoulder smileing with amazment at how luck Maddy and Margaret were to be recognized by Mickey. ( I am not loving it myself ) How will he feel when we meet Mickey on Main Street or after Drawn to the Magic and Mickey gives him the cold shoulder and wont speak? I would probably feel like a 5 year old again if my favorite Sorcerer Mickey ever had a conversation with me and knew my name though.

  2. I think this is a totally cool way to go. That we've now got this kind of technology.
    That said, I'm with tikitommy1960 at this point. I guess not too many kids are going to get to go to both parks at this point, so they won't see one & then the other. But with the technology of YouTube & the like, this is going to get out, and as it does, and more kids see it on TV, then not at the parks – or not at all the park meeting spots, what happens then?
    I think Disney needs to either get it out there fully, or not at all. Sad, you want it to be true, but at the same time, its the same questions parents get about Santa – why are there so many? Now it'll be, why doesn't Mickey want to talk to me?

  3. I'm so impressed with this!!! I was freaking out so much that my roomate got concerned; I showed her the video and she's just as stunned as I am! I have one question though: How does this work?!

  4. This is remarkable! I find this so fascinating as something of a tech geek, well maybe tech geek light. I'm gathering it's a combination of voice modification technology & animatronics perhaps. It's amazing stuff, and if it works out it will give characters a whole new way of interacting with people.

    I'd love to see them do this with Donald Duck! Although I know Mickey is the most famous character, and all the kids want to go meet him. It's so cute to be flying to Orlando and hearing kids excited to see Mickey Mouse!

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