First Look Inside Mickey’s New Meet & Greet, Tiki Room Restored, Fairies’ Final Destination


Magician Mickey's meet & greet at Magic Kingdom's Exposition HallScheduled to open beginning April 1, we have your first look inside the room for the FASTPASS-enabled Magician Mickey Mouse meet and greet at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Tucked away inside Exposition Hall, Magician Mickey invites fans to meet him ‘backstage’ where he’ll have a few tricks of his own including interactive posters, more than likely in the same vein as the enchanted art found aboard the Disney Dream.

Magician Mickey's meet and greet space in Magic Kingdom's Exposition HallProvided by a friend of Stitch Kingdom, the photos show some of the heavy detail that has gone into the space which includes representation of the parks (the books are stacked to form the shape of Cinderella Castle, the Sorcerer’s Hat, Madame Leota’s crystal ball, etc., as well as port of call stickers from Hong Kong and Tokyo on Mickey’s trunk).

The new space in Exposition Hall will also be co-inhabited by the Disney Princesses who are currently meeting inside the Adventureland Veranda until the new space opens later this week. We are also told that following the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends will be flying back to the Magic Kingdom and also be offering meet & greets in the new space. Initial plans called for Tink to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we hear John Lasseter was adamant about Tink remaining inside the Magic Kingdom, so there she will return. Tink was even scheduled to appear at Disney’s Hollywood Studios between the closure of Mickey’s Toontown Fair and the start of the Flower and Garden Festival, but she was immediately moved to Epcot early, skipping the Studios altogether.

Lastly, and music to your ears, we are certain, we have been sitting on reports that when it re-opens, the Enchanted Tiki Room will no longer be under new management and will instead be returned to its original glory. Perhaps even more gratifying to many, sources have told us that Iago will find himself relocated to an Audio Animatronics graveyard located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where he will become fodder for Imagineers looking to hone their skills. The attraction currently has no known re-opening date, although it’s assumed to be July 1, 2011 at this time as the official site has it listed as closed through June 30.

UPDATE #1 – 3/29/11 – In regards to the fairies return to Magic Kingdom, it may have been stated in haste that they will join the others in Exposition Hall. Although it was reported to us that they will be returning to the Magic Kingdom, the details were a bit hazy. The likely new (and also likely temporary) home (which comes with some accredited validation) of Pixie Hollow is the Adventureland Veranda whose interior has remained dormant for the better part of several years save for hosting the Disney Princesses following the closure of Mickey’s Toontown Country Fair. This also places the fairies within spitting distance of their sworn nemeses: pirates.

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