MINDstyle Offers First Look at ‘Animatronic Donald Duck’ from Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey Animatronic Donald Duck from MINDstyleMINDstyle has been promoting Epic Mickey in a very vague way as of late and with the other merchandising for the game going on, particularly through Hot Topic, it’d be of little shock if MINDstyle were to produce vinyl adult toy collectibles (ATCs) in support of the game. In fact, it might even be more shocking if they weren’t (or at least Medicom which is producing the VCD of Mickey in the collector’s edition of the game).

Enter Animatronic Donald Duck. I’ll be honest, this may not be news, but this is the first time I’ve personally seen any form of these animatronic Disney characters since the initial concept art was leaked. According to the blog entry from MINDstyle:

‘The Mad Doctor has been fiddling with these classic Disney characters and scattering them everywhere, while Oswald has been attempting to put them back together out of loneliness. One of the choices that Mickey can eventually make is whether he wants to put Donald (and, presumably, the likes of Goofy and Pluto as well etc.) back together. In Epic Mickey, the animatronic Donald and other animatronic versions of Mickey’s friends were constructed for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit so that he could have friends like Mickey’s in his efforts to try and mimic his brother’s life.’

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