‘Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines’ at California Adventure has ETA of October

Move over Mickey, this fall, Minnie’s bringing her own dance crew to Disney California Adventure and she’s got a theme to prove it. A casting call is seeking both male and female performers to participate in a brand new show, ‘Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines,’ which is expected to begin performing in October, 2011.

The musical revue (which is likely to take place in the Golden State / Condor Flats area of the park, near Soarin’), will take passengers (or guests) on a musical trip through the 1940s-1960s in four part harmony. The comedic, and guest-interactive group will consist of three women (known collectively as ‘Minnie’s Fly Girls’) who will play the role of ‘stewardesses’ on the burgeoning airline, along with one male, known as the ‘Control Tower Operator,’ ‘an endearing “flight controller” with a sense of humor who adores “Minnie’s Fly Girls”, sings lead and back-up harmonies, interacts with Guests.’ And of course there will be appearances by Minnie Mouse herself.

Heading to Disney California Adventure late this year? Just be sure you fasten your seatbelt, your seat is in the upright position and your tray is up and pop and locked.

UPDATE #1 – 8/4/11: Auditions for the act have been canceled and details removed from Disney’s site.

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