Disney’s ‘Monkey Kingdom’ Clips, Character Descriptions and Soundtrack Details

Disneynature 'Monkey Kingdom'Promotion for the upcoming Disneynature film Monkey Kingdom (April 17, 2015) has been lackluster at best considering its release is less than a week away, but we finally have our first official clips from the film — as brief as they are — featuring narrator Tina Fey, which you can find embedded below.

We have also learned that the original song featured in the film is titled ‘It’s Our World’ and is performed by ‘The Voice’ season five runner-up, Jacquie Lee. The song was written by Matthew Tishler, Felicia Barton and Aaron Benward and will be released digitally on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Disney Music will contribute a portion of each sale from the single — through May 12 — to the film’s benefactor, Conservation International.


Maya, known for her blonde bob and three distinctive spots on her nose, is part of a complicated extended family of macaque monkeys living among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Clever and resourceful, Maya’s a quick learner who’s willing to work hard and take risks — especially if it means securing a bright future for her new son, Kip.

Kip is Maya’s precocious and playful son. Kip must learn how best to navigate his world, where important elder macaque monkeys can be quick to put him in his place, if necessary.

Raja is the alpha male of the Castle Rock macaques. Stationed high in the troop’s prized fig tree, Raja has the perfect vantage point to spot danger, warn his troop and discourage potential threats — not to mention an easy reach to the ripest figs.

The Sisterhood is a trio of macaque monkeys with bright red faces. Thanks to their privileged status among the group, they control the day-to-day activities of the Castle Rock macaques, which makes life for the Sisterhood quite pleasant. They’re not the friendliest bunch, but they are loyal — to each other. But the Sisterhood lacks the survival skills that Maya has developed. When a neighboring troop of monkeys threatens the Castle Rock troop, they retreat to the village, and it’s Maya who knows her way around.

Kumar is a bright, up-and-coming male who arrives at the Castle Rock troop’s front door hoping for a way in. Kumar proves to be the perfect role model. His journey from his birth troop to the top of the Castle Rock troop is one Maya hopes Kip will one day replicate.

Grandpa is the troop elder. His coat is graying and his posture droops a bit — he is nearly 40, after all, which is ancient in monkey years. He takes a lot of naps, tends to lag behind the others, and he’s lost most of his teeth — but this old guy still has some spunk to his step.

Lex is the leader of a battle-hardened rival troop. With a split lip, he looks a bit like a baddie, and he’s got his eye on Castle Rock.

As is the usual for Disneynature films, Disney will make a contribution to a designated non-profit organization for each moviegoer that attend the film during its opening week (April 17 – 23, 2015). For Monkey Kingdom, the recipient is Conservation International who will use it to benefit programs in Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, dedicated to preserving the homes of monkeys and other endangered species. In addition to the first week’s box office and downloads of Jacquie Lee’s ‘It’s Our World,’ Disney Store is also selling plush inspired by Maya and her baby Kip and will make donations for each purchase through May 14. In addition, on Earth Day (April 22), Disney Store will give away free Monkey Kingdom re-usable totes with each purchase. Alex Woo has also created a ‘Love Monkey’ pendant to benefit Conservation International and Club Penguin will make donations each time a monkey costume is unlocked during its ‘Earth Month’ event.

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