Monorail TRON Makes Debut at Walt Disney World

Monorail featuring TRON skin at Walt Disney WorldThe Monorail skin advertising the upcoming TRON Legacy film from Walt Disney Studios has made its debut today on the Epcot circuit at the Walt Disney Resort as demonstrated here by this photo courtesy of Disney.

Also, we now have some excellent footage of the ‘TRONorail’ in action courtesy of Ricky from Inside the Magic:

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2 thoughts on “Monorail TRON Makes Debut at Walt Disney World

  1. Ugh..Can’t say I like this at all. The Monorail is something quintessentially Disney and doesn’t need a bilboard on it to make it more special.
    If Disney DID want to put something TRON related on the Monorails, the simple, cool, sleek aesthetically sound lines of the real light cycles would have been a real treat.

  2. brilliant! the combination of the imagery and movement and total silence of the monorail make this even more impressive. Been waiting for this film for >20 years…..

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