‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ to Replace ‘Disney Studio All Access’

Disney Movies AnywhereThough it has yet to show any sign of life beyond advertisements which began a year ago at the Disney D23 Expo and subsequent home video releases, it appears the Disney Studio All Access program is still alive and kicking behind-the-scenes only now it will be known as ‘Disney Movies Anywhere.’

Not surprisingly, Disney (NYSE:DIS) has been tight-lipped on the program, which allows customers to buy a Disney title once and then play it back across all devices from anywhere. There has been nary a mention since Robert Iger stated Disney is maintaining a ‘wait and see’ attitude in response to the launch of its main competition, UltraViolet, which has been falling way short of wowing its customers thus far.

Still there have been movements towards making the program a reality. Internally the company is developing a website for the product (as seen here), though most of the content is missing at this time. The ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ name change is further evidenced by this letter sent earlier this month by the Motion Picture Association of America to Victoria A. Espinel, the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC), in regards to film piracy.

Every step of the way, Stitch Kingdom has been on top of reporting the ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ initiative in all of its incarnations. Recently we shared a sneak peek at the accompanying mobile phone app, from when the program was still called Disney Studio All Access.

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