Disney Hints at Launch Date for ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Initiative

Disney Movies AnywhereThough it’s been promoting the program for well over a year and has even since changed the name of it, it appears that The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) may be finally ready to unveil its ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ (formerly ‘Disney Studios All Access’) initiative.

Based on Disney’s own proprietary technology dubbed Keychest, DMA will allow customers to purchase a single copy of a Disney title and subsequently be able to watch it across all devices on an on-demand basis. A competing technology, UltraViolet — which is backed by movie studios other than Disney — has been available for some time, but has not been well received overall by its customers. TWDC CEO Bob Iger has suggested in the past that he would allow UltraViolet to be the trailblazer and potentially gauge their market reaction to help mold that of Disney’s own.

The news comes via Disney Movies Online, where customers would be able to purchase select titles and stream them via the internet, who sent an email earlier today informing its customers that it would be closing as of December 31, 2012, suggesting a possible launch date of January 1, 2013 for ‘Disney Movies Anywhere.’ The email points to an online FAQ which indicates that the Disney Movie Rewards program will not be impacted as a result and it will be offering refunds for prior film purchases to those who request them as those purchases will become inaccessible as of 2013.


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