‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Trademark Registrations for Mobile App

'D' Trademark for Audio/Video ServicesPictured here is the illustration used in several recently filed trademark applications filed by The Walt Disney Company. Just from the looks of it, three things are very clear: (1) it prominently features the Disney ‘D’ logo; (2) it contains a portion of what appears to be a filmstrip; and (3) the shape and outline of the illustration strongly suggests a mobile app, be it iOS, Android or both.

More importantly, the illustration accompanied several trademark applications for the following uses:

  • Authentication, issuance, and validation of digital certificates and codes; Computer security services in the nature of providing an internet trust center, namely, computer security assurance and administration of digital certificates and codes
  • Conversion of digital content into other forms of digital content; providing electronic verification of online orders of digital content and generating electronic permission allowing users to access such digital content
  • Provision of non-downloadable films and movies via a video-on-demand service; provision of a website featuring non-downloadable films and movies; provision of non-downloadable audio and video files and digital media featuring entertainment, education, music, stories, and motion picture films for children and adults
  • Provision of electronic access to audio and video media; provision of access to audio and video media stored electronically; providing electronic access to digital media; providing electronic access to digital media streaming devices; providing electronic access to digital entertainment systems for purchasing, managing, watching, and storing digital content; providing on-line communications links for the linking of digital content across different platforms, systems, and channels
  • Online retail store services in the field of entertainment featuring pre-recorded audio and audiovisual works, electronic devices and related products and merchandise

So while ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ (formerly ‘Disney Studios All Access’) isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere, it’s pretty clear the intended uses mesh with what we know of the service and Disney’s keychest technology. The applications also seem to specify that the film content is non-downloadable but this likely only applies to mobile devices at this time.

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