‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Trademark Applications Filed

Disney Movies AnywhereLast month, we offered up evidence that Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) proprietary digital film access system, once known as Disney Studio All Access, had undergone a name change to now be known as ‘Disney Movies Anywhere.’ Although DISNEYMOVIESANYWHERE.COM ultimately goes to the DSAA preview site (via disneymoviesanywhere.disney.go.com) and the company has kindly removed the website pictured here (which was never at the aforementioned domain name ironically enough).

Despite making changes to hide the new name, however, the Walt Disney Company formally filed several trademark applications last week for ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ for the following areas:

  • Online retail store services
  • Provision of electronic access to audio and video media; provision of access to audio and video media stored electronically; providing electronic access to digital media; providing electronic access to digital media streaming devices; providing electronic access to digital entertainment systems for purchasing, managing, watching, and storing digital content; providing on-line communications links for the linking of digital content across different platforms, systems, and channels
  • Entertainment, education and online services
  • Conversion of digital content into other forms of digital content; providing electronic verification of online orders of digital content and generating electronic permission allowing users to access such digital content
  • Computer security services; authentication, issuance, and validation of digital certificates and codes

At this time, it is expected that ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ will continue to use the Disney-developed Keychest digital rights authorization system.

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