‘The Muppets’ Clips 6-8: ‘Shocking,’ ‘Montage’ and ‘Celebrity’ Plus International Treatments

'The Muppets' International LogosWalt Disney Studios and Muppets Studio released three additional clips via YouTube earlier today, two of which had been previously released in other incarnations, but are now being added to the online collection, the others can be found by viewing all of our previous entries on The Muppets.

Also shared today, via the official Facebook page of Disney Movie Rewards, is this wonderful look at the title treatment for Disney’s The Muppets from countries all around the world, including wherever Beaker hails from (where apparently they don’t collar their Ms like any good American would).

In the first clip, titled ‘Shocking,’ Walter (Walter) has already revealed what he has learned of the Muppets Theater fate to Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) so in a quest to alert Kermit, they stumble across an estate which they believe to belong to Kermit. Finding the palatial estate turns out to be only half the battle, however, as the trio contemplate how to get Kermit’s attention.

The story then moves right along with the next clip, ‘Montage,’ in which Kermit and his new friends seek out to rally the rest of the Muppets in an effort to save the theater. As suggested by 80s Robot, the group decides to call on a movie cliche — the title clip title, or montage if you will — to ease the difficult and time consuming task.

In the last clip released, television exec Veronica (Rashida Jones) has decided to let the Muppets air a telethon in an effort to fill a recently vacated schedule slot, but insists she will only let the show go on if it’s hosted by a bonafide celebrity. It is titled ‘Celebrity.’

Disney’s The Muppets opens in theaters nationwide on November 23, 2011.

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