WATCH: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ ‘New Mission’ Big Game Ad (Spoilers)

'Muppets Most Wanted' New Mission AdThere are certain inalienable truths in life, one of which is that there can be only one Kermit the Frog. Event the world’s most evilest villain, Constantine, can’t approach the purity, the sanctity that is Kermit — certainly not with his heavy, thick accent and mole. Right?

Truth be told, Walt Disney Studios has already hinted at some strange goings-on in The Muppets Most Wanted, most notably with the wedding scene, but this new ad for Muppets Most Wanted, titled ‘New Mission’ pretty much just lays it all out on the metaphorical table. Somehow, someway, Constantine and Kermit have become completely indiscernible — at least physically. So when Piggy meets Kermit at the altar, who is she really marrying? We just may have to wait until March 21, 2014 to find out (or at least until the books are released on February 11).

In addition, another Twitter-review viral ad has been released, this time filled with comments from a more-informed public: those that have seen at least some of the commercials:

It’s also worth noting that Disney is in fact billing this as a big game / SuperBowl commercial. Although there have been no official announcements, rumors had swirled that Disney was scrambling to purchase a third spot (one was rumored for Guardians of the Galaxy but that proved to be not the case; DreamWorks’ Need for Speed and Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier are the confirmed two). The Muppets will also appear in the sixty-second spot for Toyota’s Highlander as well as two commercials in Spanish to be aired on Fox Deportes.

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