Oh No They Didn’t! Oh Yes, They Did! NBC’s ’30 Rock’ Goes to There

It was a double-header this evening on NBC’s 30 Rock (created by and starring Tina Fey). With two fresh must-see Thursday episodes, Disney managed to worm its way into both of them.

In the episode titled ‘Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter,’ Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan)  confronts a resurgence of ‘old school’ racism. Addressing the show’s fictitious show’s team of writers, Tracy asserts they’re ‘all secretly mad ’cause we finally have a black Disney princess’ to which Jenna (Jane Krakowski) successfully counters by noting there hasn’t been a white Disney princess since 1991 and that ‘there are little blonde girls in this country who have no idea they could be beautiful.’

In the second episode of the evening, titled ‘Khonani,’ Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) beams when he boasts he’s innoventing — a new word he innovented — during a labor dispute.

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One thought on “Oh No They Didn’t! Oh Yes, They Did! NBC’s ’30 Rock’ Goes to There

  1. The first one is kind of true, kind of not. Giselle didn't eventually marry Prince Edward but is treated as a Princess anyways. And if you watch the episode again you can hear Tina say in the end tag: “There's Giselle from Enchanted!”

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