New Hot Topic Sales on Disney Products for June 22, 2010 (3 Items)

New Hot Topic sales for June 22, 2010

Below is a list of items now on sale at Hot Topic. Clicking on a product’s image or description will launch the product’s page on Hot Topic in another window.

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Disney Alice In Wonderland Drink Me TeeDisney Alice In Wonderland Drink Me Tee – $12.98

This fitted grey tee says “Drink Me” and features a mysterious bottle. But you shouldn’t drink out of mysterious bottles, should you? Oh, why not?! No harm in taking a little sip. Tie feature on bottom left.

Disney Alice In Wonderland Youre All Mad T-ShirtDisney Alice In Wonderland You’re All Mad T-Shirt – $8.98

Either this shirt is a clever marketing campaign from Prozac, or it’s from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland! Ah – Okay… It’s from Alice. You got us!

Disney Alice In Wonderland Hat V-Neck TeeDisney Alice In Wonderland Hat V-Neck Tee – $10.98

This cream V-neck tee features the Mad Hatter’s hat from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and says “You’re invited to a very important date.”

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