Newly Registered Domains Suggest Projects, Keychest Progress, Toy Story Getting CARS Treatment

Another day, another series of domain names being registered by Disney.

The domain name that stands out the most is BILLIONDOLLARFRESHMAN.COM which sounds like it could be an upcoming film either for Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks or Disney Channel. Replace the B with an M and you have what sounds like could have been a Kurt Russell live action comedy from Disney in the 70s.

For its Keychest technology, Disney has also registered KEYCHESTLAB.COM and KEYCHESTLABS.COM. It is speculated that Disney will be licensing the technology, so this will probably be an opportunity to showcase or sell the technology moreso than a consumer destination.

Also a standout is TOYSTORYTOONS.COM suggesting we may soon see a series of shorts starring the characters from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story along the lines of the Tow Mater vehicle CARS Toons.

There is also a series of apparently related names, although it’s really unclear what their objectives are: ASTRORODS.COM, COSMIC3000.COM, COSMICRODS.COM and SPACE-RODS.COM. Something to do with rods in space apparently.

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