WATCH: Amazing ‘Newsies’ A Capella Tribute Music Video with Behind-The-Scenes

In order to support the release of their new album, Spectrum, Brigham Young University’s nine-member A Capella group, Vocal Point, produced a music video for their nearly 4 1/2 minute medley of songs from Disney’s Newsies. Impressively, the video — shot on site at the Historic Utah County Courthouse — is not only a single cut but includes a cast and crew of more than 85 BYU students and not only transitions from outside to inside, but on multiple floors as well.

You can watch the complete music video, which feature’s BYU’s Vocal Point’s take on ‘Seize the Day,’ ‘King of New York,’ ‘Santa Fe,’ and ‘Carrying the Banner’ embedded below.

Perhaps equally as impressive, the crew had the foresight to document the entire process and also released a behind-the-scenes video that shows in real-time how the cast and crew pulled it all off in a single take:

via @Newsies

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