Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas Talk ‘Ponyo’ and Older Siblings with Radio Disney’s Ernie D

Burbank, July 29, 2009 — In an exclusive Radio Disney Take Over with “PONYO” co-stars Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas on Monday, July 27, the duo joined “Ernie D” in studio and talked about how they first met, dished tips from their famous family members and shared behind-the-scenes details from their upcoming movie.

Frankie told “Ernie D” that the co-stars, recording duo and friends met a few years ago, saying, “First, a long time ago, we actually became friends on iChat.” Noah added, “Miley and Nick were talking and I walked by…”

Noah, 9, and Frankie, 8, who also recorded the movie’s theme song and music video together, shared some words of wisdom from their successful family members that have helped them in their singing and acting endeavors. Noah told “Ernie D” both her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus and her older sister, Miley Cyrus, have given her pointers, saying, “He also does it on the singing, but he also helps me on the guitar… She taught me to always have fun with it.” Frankie told “Ernie D” his famous older brothers, Joe, Nick and Kevin of the Jonas Brothers, told him to “just go by the lines. Do exactly what they say.”

In talking about how he relates to his older brothers, Frankie also told “Ernie D,” “I have the funniness of Joe, the looks of Nick and then the hands of Kevin because I can play the drums.” He also shared that he is a lot like his 16-year-old brother Nick, saying, “I have a lot of adrenaline and I’m very competitive. If you try and beat me in a video game, I would dominate you.”

Noah and Frankie also shared what they thought was the hardest part in filming “PONYO,” which will be in theaters AUGUST 14th from the Academy Award®-winning director and world-renowned Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki. Noah, who is the voice of Ponyo, said the hardest part for her was staying focused while hearing Japanese in the headphones and pretending to snore: “In the headphones I heard Japanese, so it was hard for me… When I had to snore, it was kind of hard because I started laughing and then I started making pig noises and I couldn’t do it right, so we had to do it a hundred times.” Frankie, who voices the character Sosuke, said the hardest part was “when I had to cry two times.”

Radio Disney is a 24-hour contemporary hits radio network and the only broadcast radio destination that serves both a kid and family audience. Billboard magazine (September 22, 2008) cited Radio Disney at #18 among the Top 100 best ways to get music noticed. Among the artists who’ve performed in the Radio Disney studios in the past six months are: Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, David Archuleta, Jesse McCartney, Mitchel Musso and The Fray.

Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez is Radio Disney’s afternoon on-air personality. He has an appreciation and extensive knowledge of the music and entertainment that’s relevant to kids, tweens and families. On-air, he hosts exclusive interviews including “Take Overs” and “Planet Premiere,” the world premiere broadcasts of the most anticipated music among Radio Disney listeners.

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