NYCC: ‘Gravity Falls’ ‘Journal 3’ Sneak Peek and Details Revealed


Gravity Falls Journal 3Addressing an at-capacity (and then some) crowd at the 2015 New York Comic-Con, ‘Gravity Falls’ creator Alex Hirsch shared a sneak peek and additional details for the upcoming Gravity Falls Journal 3 replica book currently slated to be released on July 26, 2016 (available for pre-order).

Replica may not be the best word to use, however, as while it shares its title and content as the immensely popular Disney XD animated series that inspires it, it goes into much further detail. For starters, Hirsch notes that while fans have pored over what they have seen on the journal on-screen, the television counterpart is actually just ‘shorthand’ of the journal. Every page seen on the episode is re-created in the real-life journal, only it is full of much more detail and information in a hand-written script with additional notes by Dipper. A page on Bill Cipher was also teased, covered in blood, which Hirsch says will be explained in the book as well.

Speaking of Dipper’s notes, fans will also learn more about events that were seen on the series but have remained unanswered such as differences between Clone 3 & Clone 4 and what happened to Giffany.

Hirsch also notes that the 256-page will also go deep into the Gravity Falls mythos regarding the town itself and its founders as well as Dimension 52.

Below is a gallery of a few of the pages that were teased at the panel.

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Other highlights of the panel included an audience member question regarding Hirsch’s dream attraction at Disney theme parks. Hirsch’s initial response was that every time he visits Disney California Adventure, he sees the windmill and wonders why they don’t just slap a sign on it and they’d have the Mystery Shack. On a more detailed note, he envisions the guests as Mabel and Dipper in a golf cart vehicle on an attraction inspired by Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. After being chased by gnomes and various monsters from the series, guests would exit through a ‘Mystery Shack’ gift shop filled with long lines and overpriced merchandise, something he tongue-in-cheekly doesn’t feel Disney would have stretch too far to achieve. To achieve the perennial feel of summer, Hirsch suggested Disney pipe in scents of pine and sun lotion and perhaps setting some mosquitoes free inside to complete the effect.

Hirsch also covered his infamous pseudo-spoiler he posted on 4chan some time back. Explaining that the creative team  had the Stan and Ford Pines storyline in mind from the beginning (noting Stan’s license plate read ‘Stanley’ from day one), he never expected someone to figure it all out so soon and subsequently being able to share it so virally with the rest of the fan base, noting that this wouldn’t have ever been possible in his pre-internet frame of reference. Once it was discovered and shared by the end of the first season, he was approached with the option of changing the storyline, but he was so attached to it that he wanted to keep it. Instead, he took a cue from ‘The Simpsons’ and its ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ storyline which shot 3 different endings to hinder potential leaks and instead crafted a pseudo-spoiler which he posted anonymously on 4chan. The team then waited until it spread to Tumblr and Hirsch followed it up with a series of ‘angry,’ reprimanding tweets which he calculatingly deleted seconds later, noting the apologetic outcry from the fanbase he received as a result of his own prank.

He was also asked if he ever presented ideas for other shows to produce. He replied that when he first approached Disney about ‘Gravity Falls,’ he also pitched two other shows: one involving ‘old-timey gentlemen’ in the 1800s and one about time traveling dolphins.

In addition to a sneak peek of Monday’s upcoming ‘game-changing’ episode, in which the Pines twins turn age thirteen and Hirsch promises some big ‘Gravity Falls’ revelations, Hirsch also addressed a couple of audience questions with various levels of vagueness. On Bill Cipher, Hirsch said ‘if you think Stan’s relationship with his family is bad, Bill’s is worse’ and on whether Bill is working alone, ‘he has friends.’ Hirsch hinted at some future content by saying he was unable to answer a fan’s question on if we will see Dipper and Mabel’s home life when they return to California and that we have not seen the last of Pacifica Northwest.

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