‘One More Disney Day’ Tied to Leap Day Festivities, New Year’s Eve Surprise Announcement

Disney Parks and Resorts almost had us. Back in August, we revealed that we had learned Disney Parks and Resorts was working on something dubbed ‘One More Disney Day.’ Due to the timing (close to when new campaigns were usually announced) and the Disney D23 Expo looming ahead, we naturally made the assumption that it must be the campaign for the 2012 year.

Well months came and went and we ended up sporting egg on our face as we found out Disney Parks went ahead and created a page dedicated to ‘One More Disney Day.’ The problem? It ended up seeming more like a blase sales pitch then anything else. Hey, stay another day. Why not? Why not indeed.

Dismissed. Rejected! Why it was more than we could bear. It looks like our hopes of breaking news of the next Disney Parks campaign, as we had done with the ‘Let the Memories Begin‘ campaign, were shattered.

Fast forward to earlier this month and we revealed that not only does the hyped up New Year’s Eve announcement apply to Walt Disney World, but Disneyland as well, along with rumored and somewhat well-founded expectations that the announcement will involve parks at both resorts remaining open all night leading into leap day, February 29. A leap day at Disney Parks? It does sound like ‘One More Disney Day,’ no?

According to a guest who attended the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade taping at the Magic Kingdom, Banks Lee, co-hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos mentioned ‘One More Disney Day’ during their patter. Whether the slogan applies to the year-long campaign or just to leap day remains to be seen.

It’s also unclear, if in fact the parks will remain open for more than 24 hours straight, how ticketing will be handled or if it will be a hard-ticketed event requiring separate admission.

What we do know is that Disney Parks has registered ONEMOREDISNEYDAY.COM, which currently goes nowhere, as well recently registering its Spanish equivalent, UNDIAMASDEDISNEY.COM.

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