Oswald the Lucky Rabbit RFRO Viral Campaign Launched for ‘Epic Mickey 2’

Oswald Viral CampaignIt appears as though Disney has been running an extended television advertisement in some markets (see below) in which a textboook conspiracy theorist from an agency known only as RFRO flaunts his latest find: a series of lit windows across a series of high-rise buildings in Nashua Massachusetts, part of the Greater Boston area, which — when viewed at the proper angle as evidenced by the photograph — form a pattern very familiar to many Disney enthusiasts: that of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

The advertisement ends with directing viewers to visit rfro.org, home of the ‘Rabbit Field Research Organization’ which displays an animated GIF (or at  least a fraction of it) before re-directing visitors to the YouTube channel of TheManWhoSeesRabbits.

There we see the initial ad identified as case #PR0021 – City Lights, as seen here:

Also currently available are a few other ‘cases’ of rabbit sightings such as #P203 Cell; #TS242 Rain; #IE054 Traffic Light; and #NE132 Parking Lot. It’s likely that the letters and numbers, or combinations thereof, have some meaning but it’s unknown to us at this time.

Also unknown to us is the intent of the new campaign, other than to generate some sort of viral buzz and given the timing, buzz meant for ‘Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’ which features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as co-op play and will be available beginning November 18.

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