Report: ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ Welcomes New Yorkers to the Jet Age

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Today saw the first day of the return of Pan Am to the Big Apple in twenty years as ABC brought its upcoming drama of the same name to the streets of Manhattan to promote the show during New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The ‘In-Flight Experience’ was initially scheduled to take place at Lincoln Center, but an unexpected blip in the radar caused a temporary re-routing to Columbus Circle where Pan Am ‘stewardesses’ are offering up free coffee and tea to commuters and tourists alike. Still, despite the change in flight plans, stewardesses could be found trekking in perfect formation between Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, where they were handing out official ‘Pan Am’ track bags along with the occasional coveted ‘Pan Am’ Explorer bag to the fortunate few who found a ‘boarding pass’ in their track bag.

The special ‘In-Flight Experience’ beverage service will continue on at Columbus Circle through Saturday, September 10 and has an ETA at its original destination in Lincoln Center on Monday, September 12. While not guaranteed, hours of operation are as follows: September 10 from 8:00 am – 11 am, September 12 from 7:30 am – noon, September 13 from 8 am – 1 pm and September 14 from 9 am – noon.

Below is our gallery of photos from this morning’s event. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version. Also included is a photo of the special bus stop located at 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue by Grand Central Terminal which displays the elements that make up the fashion icon that was — and will be — the Pan Am stewardess.

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‘Pan Am’ premieres September 25, 2011 at 10 pm ET/PT on the ABC television network.

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