‘Paperman’ New ‘Paperclips’ Featurette on ‘The Drawings;’ Limited Edition Book Announced

'Paperman'Walt Disney Animation has released the third of its installments in the ‘Paperclips’ series, a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind its newest animated short, Paperman. In the new segment, director  John Kahrs touches briefly on the legacy of the hand-drawn animation and how he believes that we are currently in the golden age of computer-generated imagery, but that he believes computers can be used to produce hand-drawn inspired images in addition to photo-realism.

Via his Twitter account, Kahrs also announced that a limited run of 6000 ‘Art of Paperman‘ book(lets) will be produced for the SIGGRAPH conference in August. Walt Disney Animation will be offering a panel titled ‘The Art and Science Behind Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Paperman‘ moderated by Disney animator Darrin Butters with a panel featuring Kahrs, Patrick Osborne, Amol Sathe, Jeff Turley
and Brian Whited.

Paperman will open Wreck-It Ralph in theaters, beginning November 2, 2012.

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