App Takes Cast Member Publications Digital; New DCA Entertainment Details Inside (Spoilers)

A developer named Starwave (added: Starwave Mobile is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) released a free brand new app for the Apple iPad called ‘Cast Member Publications‘ earlier today, which is simply described as ‘Digital editions of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts newsletters and publications – by Cast Members for Cast Members.’

Sure enough, download the free app and you are good to go. Although the sample screenshots on the App Store show an older edition of the Disneyland Line, the only publication available for download currently is the June 7 edition, which is — very unsurprisingly — all about the Disney California Adventure expansion, focusing on Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, Cars Land and Cars Land.

While most of the information isn’t new (and let’s face it, nothing really published in these articles will be mind blowing to even the most casual of Disney Parks fans), there are some interesting, not-so-well-known bits and pieces listed.

For example, the entertainment. Here’s what the magazine has to say:

Red Car News Boys –  ‘… There’s heartthrob Johnny and his pal, smart aleck Kip. Feets Charming loves to dance, Brass Tax has a knack for physical humor, while Shorty makes up in optimism what he’s missing in height. Then there’s Sal — who’s actually Sally.’

Five ‘n’ Dime – ‘…Dime has charisma and a voice like a young Ella Fitzgerald. She joins the five big-city guys — T-Bone, Baby, Slam, Zoot and Clyde … Performing near the Carthay Circle and Hyperion theaters, Five ‘n’ Dime will fully immerse Guests into the show, inviting them to join in on such classics as “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo,'” and “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”‘

Citizens of Buena Vista Street – Concept art of each persona including descriptions: Donna the Dog Lady who’s gentle of spirit and loving and inseparable with her puppy; Calvin the Cop who’s determined to maintain law and order and a perennial optimist who looks for the good in everyone; Molly the Messenger who charms with her absent-mindedness, often lost and unable to read a map; Phiphi the Photographer, a collector who’s fascinated by everything she sees — vintage sepia-toned images she captures of Guests will be available through Disney’s PhotoPass.

Characters will also appear in 1930-inspired wardrobe, including Chip and Dale, who are represented in concept art as well.

Some other details regarding Cars Land entertainment are included:

Red to the Rescue – ‘…Red the Fire Truck never gets the chance to put out any real fires in Radiator Springs. Instead, citizens call on him whenever they need water. As  it turns out, there’s a water emergency for plants, so with the help of a volunteer firefighter, Red waters the plants in the area — and possibly a few Guests.’ Instead of talking, Red uses bells, whistles and sirens to ‘communicate.’

Lightning McQueen & Mater Meet & Greet – ‘…Throughout the day, Lightning McQueen and Mater will take turns driving through their hometown before parking at their meet-and-greet-location [at the Cozy Cone Hotel.’ Voice talent for the cars has recorded all new messages for the Cars so that they can ‘interact’ with the guests. As an example, if a guest is wearing sunglasses, the Cars may compliment the guest ‘on your great tinted windshield.’

DJ’s Dance ‘n’ Drive – ‘…a group of fun-loving waitresses from Flo’s V8 Cafe keep the party going on in the street, teaching Guests moves such as the Merge, the Rubberneck and the Fishtail.’

The issue is chock full of other information and eye candy such as videos (both linked to and embedded), new photos and even a 360 of the Storytellers sculpture.

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