Disney Parks InsidEARS Update

Back in November, we reported on the mysterious Disney Park InsidEARS, a website to feature advice and information, news and commentary in the field of travel as well as the field of entertainment.

We thought it’d be a good time to check up on the state of the new source of travel and entertainment information, especially in light of Disney registering several anti-InsidEAR domain names, presumably in a move to block potential for spoofing/criticism. Among the domain names registered are outsidear.com, outsidear.net,outsidear.org, outsidears.com, outsidears.net and outsidears.org. Either that, or Ponyboy will be the resident Disney Parks expert.

More importantly, however, is that DisneyParksInsidEARS.com now resolves, going to its own website located at http://insidears.disneyparks.disney.go.com, which is currently returning a 403 Not Authorized error (although we can probably expect that to change by mid-morning, for better or for worse).

In addition, there is a Disney Parks InsidEARS Facebook page as well as an InsidEARS Twitter account, but no indication yet if these are official pages or simply squatters, although it is interesting that the Twitter account is following @DisneyParks and @WaltDisneyWorld but not @Disneyland.

On a mild tangent, Disney also recently registered AdventureInsiders.com.

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