Patent: Disney Virtual Pets Travel Globe in Real Life

Traveling Virtual PetWith the ‘Traveling Virtual Pet Game System’ (U.S. Patent Application 20110070935), inventor Damon R. Beggs hopes to bring the perpetual successes of the virtual pet into the 21st century, allowing it to travel the world (and beyond) all while in the palm of your hand.

Noting that the term pet is used loosely (it could be a person, ghost, yeti or unicorn as much as it could be a puppy or kitten), the non-platform-specific system describes a method for allowing an owner to care for their pet by traditional means (feeding, playing, etc.) while adding the ability for the pet to travel to foreign destinations, either with or without the physical aid of its owner. For example, when a pet is determined to be in Paris, France (either detected via GPS or simply told it is through a menu), it can visually visit the Eiffel Tower, develop a taste for crepes and even learn various phrases in French (either on its own, or through the assistance of the owner and a microphone). It can also learn activities associated with its hosted locale, such as Flamenco dancing in Spain. These experiences will be learned by the pet who will continue to maintain these experiences and preferences as it continues traveling elsewhere.

The system allows for the transfer of pets between owners, so that an owner can temporarily adopt a pet and expose it to the owner’s personal geographic environment and then release it to share with another owner, or a pet may simply opt to leave an owner if it is not cared for properly.

For those interested in reading more on the patent application, we have provided it in PDF format for your enjoyment here.

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