Patent Says Simulated Floor System is Snow Problem

Whether your clothing shop is planning on an extravagant ‘Christmas in July’ pre-winter sale, you’re creating a new theme park attraction or perhaps even a Ski Lodge DVC resort, consider this new patent for Disney Enterprises which looks at creating a flooring system that simulates natural environments such as snow.

Citing issues with existing simulated snow systems such as fabricated snow which requires keeping indoor temperatures unacceptably low or fake snow which requires high maintenance and continuously faces the threats of foot traffic, the new system as invented by Daniel M. Joseph (U.S. Patent # 7,883,425 B2) works when ‘force applied to the floor system by a user walking across the system results in force being communicated to the confinement member through the disturbing agent layers through the plurality of discrete contact points causes portions of the aggregate proximate to the contact points shift, resulting in vibrations and sounds that simulate the sound and feel of walking on snow.’

In other words, if it feels like walking on snow and it sounds like walking on snow, it’s probably Disney magic.

If you’re interested in reading the patent, or just enjoy looking at illustrations of flooring, it’s available here

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One thought on “Patent Says Simulated Floor System is Snow Problem

  1. I still curious why the town of Celebration has fantastic snow during Christmas and Disney can’t get the same thing at Magic Kingdom…seems like a no-brainer to me.

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