Photo: Beast’s Castle in New Fantasyland Expansion at Magic Kingdom

Beast's Castle © Matthew Cooper. All Rights Reserved.Admittedly I don’t make it a habit to check out every over-the-fence type shot of the work being done on the New Fantasyland Expansion at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, but when I came across this photo as it was posted on Tumblr, I knew it was something worth sharing.

The photo of Beast’s Castle was taken earlier this month by Matthew Cooper and shared on his Flickr account which shares additional images from Walt Disney World and other locations worth taking a look at.

The weenie of the New Fantasyland Expansion at the Magic Kingdom, the Beast’s Castle sits atop the Be Our Guest Restaurant which will be the first eatery to offer counter service for lunch while being a full reservation service dinner and will feature three rooms representative of the castle plus many special effects including a 1:1 scale fully articulated audio animatronic Lumiere, part of the Disney living character initiative (LCI). Weenies were so named because the large, fanciful objects help draw the attention of the guests further into the park. The term was said to be coined by Walt Disney himself who took the namesake from the ability to coax his dog into doing things in exchange for a hot dog.

Beast’s Castle also makes use of another Walt Disney Imagineering staple, forced perspective. For example, the windows gradually become smaller and closer together (smaller floors) as your eyes scale up the building, helping to give the impression that it is taller than it really is.

The Beauty and the Beast portion of New Fantasyland which includes a story time meet and greet with Belle that takes you from Maurice’s cottage through the magic mirror to the castle to meet Belle and Gaston’s village featuring Gaston’s tavern will open beginning fall of 2012. Thanks to Matthew Cooper for allowing us to share his photo.

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