Photo: The New Face of Tom Staggs, Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts

Or was that supposed to be The New Face of Disney Parks and Resorts, Chairman Tom Staggs?

Well, anyway, ever since we first learned the news that Tom Staggs (former CFO of the Walt Disney Company) and Jay Rasulo (former Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts) were going all Freaky Friday on us  (that’s the Jodie Foster kind if you will), the atmosphere quickly became thick with questions and theories about the future of the parks (oddly, not so much for the bottom line) and speculation that Staggs was being groomed by Iger for bigger and better things.

Always keeping our priorities in line, however, we knew exactly what Staggs’ first and largest obstacle would be once he stepped into Rasulo’s shoes: his corporate portrait.

So here it is in all its glory, courtesy of Disney Parks and Resorts, your new chairman. Apparently Staggs gifted his Annabel Andrews-esque colleague by leaving his ties in the CFO’s office (we added the insets of more of the more familiar Tom Staggs photos for your pleasure).

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