PhotoPass Lawsuit Update: Disney Helps Walker Digital’s Cause

We finally have an update on a lawsuit filed by Walker Digital against The Walt Disney Company which claimed that the PhotoPass service available within the theme parks actively infringed upon its patent and requested an injunction against the service be ordered.

Apparently the team of Disney lawyers felt it was in their best interest to not go the common route of seeking methods for simply having the case thrown out, but have instead opted to help Walker Digital’s cause by telling them exactly who to sue. As a result, an amended complaint was filed yesterday to name Disney Photo Imaging, LLC as the plaintiff defendant as advised by both DPI and The Walt Disney Company.

As it turns out, the move may simply be a stall tactic since Walker Digital has agreed to allow DPI another 30 days (until September 19, 2011) to answer the case, despite there obviously being awareness on the part of DPI and The Walt Disney Company. It could be a case of the prey toying with the predator, or Disney may in fact see some legitimacy in Walker Digital’s original complaint.


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