Photos: Inside Town Square Theater Meet & Greet with Mickey Mouse (Minor Spoilers)

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Although it’s slated to open officially to the adoring public on Friday, April 1, the new meet and greet location for Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses experienced a soft opening today and a few lucky guests at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom had the opportunity to experience a little one on one time with Mickey, Minnie and the Disney Princesses in their new digs.

Fortunately for us, Josh Siegel (@Crushinat0r) was on hand to capture some of the newly installed magic (literally speaking) and share it with us.

A new grand foyer, featuring a spectacular Town Square floor mosaic leads the path to both the entry queues for Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses. Along the queues, hi-resolution LCDs easily pass off as Houdini-era posters on the Mickey Mouse side that occasionally show off a bit of animation a la the Enchanted Art developed for the Disney Dream, and offer up trivia questions on the Disney Princess side.

In this other enchanted poster, Mickey performs a very old and clever trick that’s guaranteed to make any card chosen by guests waiting in the queue to vanish before their very eyes. How does he do it? A magician never reveals his tricks! Although quite admittedly, sometimes Stitch Kingdom does.

As we first touched upon the other day when we first revealed photos of the new Mickey meet & greet room, the room is just full of inside Disney references and sight gags just waiting to explore. We found about 15 or so just by pouring through the photos (admittedly some aren’t readily visible in these images), but rather than simply point them out, here’s some clues to some of our favorites:

  • Despite it not existing for decades to come, 1901 was a pivotal year in the history of the Walt Disney Company
  • Mickey’s trunks are covered in port-of-call stickers that not only represent Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, but even some sub-sections of them.
  • Speaking of his trunks, consider who manufactures them and you might have a pretty groan-inspiring Jungle Cruise joke.
  • The animatronic rabbit that sometimes gets mad and likes to disappear from time to time is sitting atop a hatbox made by 10 Shillings and Sixpence Ltd (or 10/6 as we like to abbreviate it on occasion).
  • The notes posted on the billboard reference a couple of Disney animated classics: one a feature-length animated film, the other a popular Mickey Mouse short. There’s also a note from a famous magician who’s a member of the Disney family, but he’s more like a cousin, one could say.
  • The Sorcerer’s Hat sure looks like a miniature version of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios icon, but that crystal ball manufactured by Leota Crystals resembles more of a smooth golf ball, whether it’s silver or glowing purple.
  • There’s all sorts of magician’s preferred animals represented, including birds… including a parrot (at least the head).
  • Fantasia is heavily represented in the room
  • And, of course, there’s at least one classic Hidden Mickey somewhere in the Mouse’s box of tricks.

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All photos and video © Josh Siegel. Presented here with permission.

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