Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ Major Plot Points Revealed (Spoilers)

'Finding Dory: Ultimate Sticker Collection'After receiving the first official synopsis from Finding Dory, a simple google search regarding one of the newly released details — that whale shark Destiny is actually nearsighted — led to a preview (no longer available) of Learn to Draw Finding Dory from Walter Foster Jr. Although most of the pages were not available in the preview, it turns out that the entire story pages are visible, leading to some very specific plot points of the film, as is the table of contents, which identifies additional characters.

In regards to the newly revealed characters, we have: ‘Baby Dory,’ which is probably just that, a toddler version of Dory that we have already also identified as ‘Little Dory;’ a trio of sea lions — Fluke, Rudder and Gerald (whom we have already shared a photo of courtesy of Monogram International); a ‘quirky’ loon named Becky; and a group collectively known as ‘the otters’ — which may be Finding Dory’s answer to the moonfish. The book also includes characters we already know about: Dory’s parents, Charlie and Jenny; Destiny, a nearsighted whaleshark; Hank, a cantankerous octopus; Bailey, a self-conscious beluga whale; and, of course, Marlin and Nemo.

Although it’s been reported that the film picks up six months after Finding Nemo, it’s been a year, according to the book. Dory is now Mr. Ray’s teaching assistant. On a field trip to study the migration of stingrays, Dory and the class learn that some species possess a ‘natural instinct to return home.’ Learning this triggers childhood memories in Dory, distracting her and causing her to get swept away in an undertow. She is then found by Marlin and Nemo, who find her disoriented, mumbling about ‘the jewel of Morro Bay, California.’ When she is reminded of what she said by Nemo, Dory is flooded with memories and she and Nemo convince Marlin to swim to the Pacific Coast to help find her family which includes her parents Charlie and Jenny.

Along the way, the trio are said to run into both ‘old and new’ friends including a couple of current experts who go by the name of Crush and Squirt. But after a run in with some hermit crabs and a giant squid, Dory is perhaps saved by a team from the Marine Life Institute (MLI) whose mission is to ‘rescue, rehabilitate and release the coast’s sickest fish and sea mammals.’ With her trusted friends Marlin and Nemo still outside the MLI, Dory finds herself in quarantine with a tag clipped to her.

The tag catches the eye of Hank, a cantankerous octopus with just seven legs. Hank, who relies on his cloaking skills to often evade staffers, offers to help Dory find her parents in exchange for her tag, which he views as his ticket to the aquarium’s sister, quieter location in Cleveland. Hank uses his camouflage skills to get Dory to the open ocean exhibit where she will be free of the MLI. Along the way, however, Dory encounters ‘cuddly’ sea otters and a ‘crowded touch pool’ and an ‘assortment of new friends,’ which includes Destiny and Bailey.

Once the pair reach the ocean, Hank takes the tag from Dory and she heads off to her childhood home. Sadly when she arrives there, she’s told that all the blue tangs had been taken to quarantine at the MLI, so she must head back. But without Hank to help her, Dory’s only entry back into the MLI is through some scary pipes. With no other choice, Dory heads into the pipes and eventually runs into Marlin and Nemo who decided to try to follow their friend in with the assistance of sea lions Rudder, Fluke and Gerald, along with a loon named Becky. They all explain to Dory that they were able to find her by asking themselves ‘What would Dory do?’

Although Hank is about to head off to Cleveland, Dory is able to stop him and get him to help her locate the blue tangs in quarantine. He does so, but the blue tangs are sad to report that Dory’s  parents are not with them. Startled by a staffer who spots Hank, he accidentally drops Dory into a drain that leads back to the ocean. Alone in the ocean, Dory finds herself asking ‘What would Dory do? What would I do?’ This leads her to a trail of sea shells which eventually leads her to her parents, who have been waiting for her outside MLI the whole time. Reunited with her family, Dory then comes to the realization that Marlin and Nemo are now headed with Hank to Cleveland, so with the help of her parents and new friends, Dory sets out to rescue Marlin, Nemo and Hank and discover the true meaning of family.

UPDATE: Out of respect to some specific requests, we have removed everything in this article that could be attributed to copyright. This includes the character scale sheet which we have since replaced with the cover to the Finding Dory: Ultimate Sticker Book from DK Publishing. The cover features artwork of Becky the loon as well as the Otters.


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